What are the benefits?

Often times the benefits of meditation are touted on a page, but until you can experience them for yourself, they don’t mean a whole lot.  Based on my own experience, meditation has had a profound impact on my physical and mental wellbeing and happiness, which has since led me to teaching this powerful technique.

There have been countless peer review studies supporting the positive effects of meditation, and some of the most common things people experience include:

– Reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue
– Improved sleep & relief from insomnia
– Reduction of addictive behaviours
– Relief from asthma and allergy symptoms
– Improved relationships with self and others
– Improved concentration, focus & memory
– Increased energy and resilience
– Improved creative intelligence & motivation
– Ability to make high-speed accurate decisions
– Ability to stay calm under pressure
– Strengthening of the immune system
– A greater sense of wellbeing and happiness.

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