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What are the benefits?

Often times the benefits of meditation are touted on a page, but until you can experience them for yourself, they don’t mean a whole lot.  Based on my own experience, meditation has had a profound impact on my physical and mental wellbeing and happiness, which has since led me to teaching this powerful technique. There have …

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Need to find out more?

If you’re interested in working with me, I recommend dropping me an email.   Let’s touch base

What is the investment?

The course fee is $940AUD (incl GST) and includes one-on-one tuition in Vedic Meditation, and the ability to resit the group course at anytime. It also includes a follow up 30 days post learning the technique. Once completed, the method can be effectively practiced for life without the need for anything else.

What is the course structure?

The course is held over three consecutive days, where you’ll learn the technique and graduate as a self-sufficient meditator. We’re about providing the highest quality instruction and support in tools that promote immediate, profound and sustainable personal growth and development. Day 1: (45 minutes) You’ll receive your mantra and learn the basic technique. Day 2: …

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