vedic meditation

Calm the mind and body will follow.

Vedic Mediation is a simple technique, whereby the mind and body silently experience a particular mantra (sound) which allows the mind to settle naturally without any effort, focus, or concentration.

Practiced for 20 minutes twice daily, it enables your system deep rest and the ability to launder fatigue, fogginess, anxiety, nervousness, physical and mental conditions.
You’ll gain greater clarity, energy and feel more adept at meeting life’s challenges and demands.

Through meditation we are letting go of our minds limits and boundaries, returning to our natural state of contented bliss.

frequently asked questions

Vedic Mediation originated from the Veda, a body of knowledge that comes from India.

The technique is universal in its nature, practiced by people all over the world, regardless of their society, profession, age, religion, or belief system. As the technique triggers a physiological effect in the brain and body, it requires absolutely no faith or belief system to work.

The technique can be practiced anywhere for 20 minutes, twice a day. No fancy poses or digital apps required!

Often times the benefits of meditation are touted on a page, but until you can experience them for yourself, they don’t mean a whole lot.  Based on my own experience, meditation has had a profound impact on my physical and mental wellbeing and happiness, which has since led me to teaching this powerful technique.

There have been countless peer review studies supporting the positive effects of meditation, and some of the most common things people experience include:

– Reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue

– Improved sleep & relief from insomnia

– Reduction of addictive behaviours

– Relief from asthma and allergy symptoms

– Improved relationships with self and others

– Improved concentration, focus & memory

– Increased energy and resilience

– Improved creative intelligence & motivation

– Ability to make high-speed accurate decisions

– Ability to stay calm under pressure

– Strengthening of the immune system

– A greater sense of wellbeing and happiness.

The course is held over three consecutive days, where you’ll learn the technique and graduate as a self-sufficient meditator.

We’re about providing the highest quality instruction and support in tools that promote immediate, profound and sustainable personal growth and development.

Day 1: (60-90 minutes) You’ll receive your mantra and learn the basic technique.

Day 2: (90-120 minutes) How the mind moves in meditation. The practice of effortlessly allowing the mind to settle.

Day 3: (90-120 minutes) How the body responds to meditation. Relax, recharge and the release of stress. Integration & follow-up support. How to become a daily meditator and enjoy all the benefits.

 30 days follow up post learning the technique

The course fee is $940AUD (incl GST) and includes one-on-one tuition in Vedic Meditation, and the ability to resit the group course at anytime. It also includes a follow up 30 days post learning the technique. Once completed, the method can be effectively practiced for life without the need for anything else.

If you’re interested in working with me, I recommend booking a 15min free call.