Bondi ocean pool

finding your anchor point

We can begin to understand our humanness more through nature’s amazing flow.

She reminds us that the only constant is change. Wishing it were calm seas like yesterday, or pre-empting if the rough weather will continue tomorrow, only robs us of finding the beauty right now, in this present moment.

To some it may look like an abhorrent mess out there, but I love that the ocean is full of contradictions – ever so soft and graceful, and yet strong and wild and free. It’s the vastness of her character which is captivating.

‘Yet despite her being full of cross currents and torrent winds, at the depths of the ocean floor she continues to keep a sense of calm, an anchor point of such, which allows the waves and whitewash to momentarily do their thing’.

And just like nature does so effortlessly, the challenge for us is to embrace our wild and free spirit, to be an observer to our thoughts, and to remind ourselves that we have a choice.  Either be swept away and drown in the whitewash, or find stillness at the depths of the ocean floor.

I’m diving deep. I’ll meet you there.