redefining our story, one conscious choice at a time


Epiphany was born with one purpose in mind. To help people live a life they genuinely enjoy.

The process is simple, but not easy. It asks us to prioritise inspired action – to engage more in the things we love. To bear witness to the parts of ourselves which cling to old paradigms and stop us reaching our full potential, and be courageous enough to seek out proven techniques which reprogramme these beliefs and create positive, sustainable change.

Learn more about my work with Rapid Transformational Therapy and Vedic Meditation or my philosophy when working alongside clients.


Offering two mutually exclusive yet equally powerful techniques, Rapid Transformational Therapy and Vedic Meditation.

Kara is motivated to keep things simple, but incredibly effective. Each with a different purpose, yet at the core she helps people live a more harmonious, inspired and happier life.


healing our wounded inner child
We hear this phrase a lot, but what is our wounded inner child and how does it play out in our everyday life? A wounded inner child is a fragment of ourselves split off and frozen at the emotional age we were when we experienced a parti more..